About Us

We, at Edgeline Media Group, service web development companies who have their expertise on the frontend but may be short staffed or need to outsource the backend work. Our niche market is businesses thriving in the web design sector desiring to increase the scope of their cliental and services they provide by receiving our support for all backend work. Our cabilities are extensive, and in terms of skills, we are ahead of most of our competitors. We strive to provide the newest technology with streamline productivity for our clients. Our goal is to increase your revenue, and as a result, we are successful.



Edgeline Media Group provides companies and organizations with the ability to locate employees, such as sales representatives who are on the field. This technology can map out the most efficient sales route and find necessary locations around them (e.g. gas stations, Kinko‘s, post office, and etc.).

Image Modification

Edgeline Media Group provides the technology to automatically resize / crop any image, even high resolution. As a result, your internet speed is never compromised.

Social Media Plugin

Increasing sales, increasing website traffic, attracting new business, and creating positive brand awareness are some of the many benefits of utilizing social media. Edgeline Media Group allows companies to integrate with any social media platform necessary for the development of the company.

Import Excel / Output PDF

Edgeline Media Group provides the technology to take any imported / inputted Excel, Power Point, and other data, and convert it instan-taneously into printable PDF files, charts, and graphs for easy viewing. This technology makes creating annual reports, making projections, or putting together a presentation much easier and efficient.

SMS Integration

Edgeline Media Group provides mass instant text messaging technology and service. By logging onto your website you can send an emergency notification, sales alert, or just a simple reminder to 1, 100, or as many as needed by the push of a button.

UPS Label

Edgeline Media Group provides the technology to merge your website with the UPS platform. This provides an efficient way to manage your business shipping needs. Have the ability to print labels, track pack-ages, receive notifications, get shipping reports, and more all through your website. It's efficient, effective and economical.


The Core & Tools

Javascript, jQuery
Slim scroll, jSonP and etc
Text effects, Socket, Canvas and etc
Server side
SSL, Virtual hosting, Subdomain, SVN, Cloud server, Linux, Windows and Cirrus
.Net, cakePHP, LinQ, devArt, Visual Studio, MVC4, Visual svn, Tortois svn, authorize.net, HTML5, spotify, C++, Java, Mantis and Trelo

3rd Party Integration

Check out, Security, Authorization Payment and CS Cart
YouTube, Brightcove and Vimeo
Content Management System
WordPress, Xpress Engine
HTML editor
Customize CKeditor and Tinymce
Keyword search
Google, Yahoo and Bing
Social Media
Gigya, Facebook, Tweeter, Google+- login, registration and comments

Advanced Programming I

Location search
  • HTML5 Geo position
  • IP address location
  • IP to zip code
  • Peer to Peer chatting for Video / Audio / Text
  • Web Socket - Java & C++
  • Full calendar scheduling with multiple timezone
  • Appointment, request, cancel, duplication check
Graph / Chart
  • Chart analytical graph
  • Google chart

Advanced Programming II

Mobile / Tablet / SMS
  • Charting
  • Sliding menu
  • Send Text
Data Conversion
  • Html/Chart/power point/Word to pdf conversion
  • Import/Export to Excel/txt format
Image Management
  • Image Crop / Scaling / Thumbnail
Advance Social Media
  • Facebook Like, Registation - referral system
  • Automated Facebook posting system


Social Media and Text Messaging

Social Media
  • login fb twitter google
  • adding comment
  • facebook competition
  • facebook referral system
Text Messaging
  • send message for alerts
  • send message for specials
  • send message for coupons

Geo-location and Mobile/Tablet

  • zipcode to location
  • ip to location
  • location based website
Mobile or Tablet charting
  • charting for tablet
  • charting for mobile

Excel Input & PDF Output

Chart output to pdf
Excel / CSV / text to database input

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